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Bill Cheng

was in my graduate program and, as I have told him on several sentimental post-wine occasions, I think he was probably the best writer of any of us. (Except you, any of my other classmates reading this.)

I was lucky to read excerpts of his novel when he was a classmate, but I haven’t read the whole thing. And I’m sort of glad of that.

Because I am thrilled to announce that his novel, Southern Cross the Dog, will be published by Amistad in four short months (May 2013). This means that I will get to read the whole thing in one go with fresh eyes. And it shall have a pretty cover on it. I can’t wait.

I am  ALSO thrilled to announce that Bill Cheng has a Tumblr! What! Follow him immediately.

(Side note: hey Bill, do you know what happens when you type in bill cheng dot tumblr dot com, as I just did accidentally? Probably.)


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