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M works in NYC all the time these days, which means I am also in NYC more these days. Spent the whole weekend there, which I hadn’t done in a good long while. This weekend’s goal: make M’s temporary living arrangement feel sliiiiightly more homey—including making the futon he sleeps on sliiiiightly less futony.

Therefore, a trip to Brooklyn’s Ikea was in order. Look at how they make their mattresses transportable by car, those evil geniuses:

And lo, there was much rejoicing (of our backs).

I’m starting to notice that each time I go there, I feel that the Brooklyn is draining out of me, being slowly replaced by Philadelphian-ism.

Case in point: we went to a pub quiz in Brooklyn on Sunday night—something that I had not heard of when I lived in BK four years ago. Way to have the edge on that one, Philly (although I guess we all just ripped off the UK, if you want to get technical.) In any case, when the MC went around and handed out the materials, this is what we were given:

WHAT SORCERY IS THIS. Where’s my pre-fab answer sheet?? 

Also, questions and answers were displayed on this handy projection screen:

And….wait for it…there WERE NEITHER BONUS QUESTIONS NOR A JOKER ROUND. And scores were not announced after each round. And scores were not announced at all, for those who were not in the top 5. What fun is that? The potential of your humiliatingly low score being announced out loud makes Quizo all the more exciting.

(In case you were wondering, we bombed. But there were only two of us, in a sea of 4-to-6-person teams. And one of the rounds was about the Civil War. I did answer “Antietam” correctly….)

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