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An important addition to our home

For years, M has been talking about wanting a record player—an idea I’ve always been very much in favor of. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve the record player that my parents had, and their pretty ridiculous collection of records, which I spent hours poring over. I think I memorized every detail of every Stones album cover that my father owned, in particular Beggars Banquet

and Let it Bleed

and Sticky Fingers

(with the working zipper).

Finally, for M’s birthday, I got my act together and got him a record player. 

…and look how happy he was!

The album that christened the player? “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles LIVE!,” from 1969. A gift from his sister Maggie, who has very good taste in music.

  1. brooklyntree said: Woo! That’s what we did this weekend too. Is was so nice to be in the living room and NOT have to turn on the TV. Love it.
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